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Practical Bhagavad Gita

Table of Contents


1. If Everything Is Divine-How Can Divine Beings Commit Horrible Deeds?
2. How Can Sri Krishna, an Incarnation of God, Tell Arjuna to Fight & Kill?
3. How to Make Wise Choices in Life: Let’s Learn From Gita
4. How Intelligent People Still Make Faulty Decisions
5. For an Emotional Problem, Is a Spiritual Solution or an Emotional Solution the Answer?
6. From the Gita: How Do We Solve Sadness?
7. How Is It Possible That There is No First Birth?
8. What is Real and Unreal in this World?
9. What is Consciousness?
10. Do I Need to Have Faith to Know My True Nature?
11. Does Someone of High Stature Have the Liberty to Do as They Please?
12. What Factors Drive Conventional Human Behavior?
13. How Can I Achieve Perfect Peace and Contentment? Let’s Find Out from Gita
14. What is The Best Way to Do Our Work | What is Karma Yoga?
15. How can I stay connected to God throughout the day?
16. By Giving Up Desires Can I Break the Karmic Cycle?
17. What Are The Characteristics of an Enlightened Person according to Bhagavad Gita?
18. Is It Truly Possible to Get Rid of Desires? Let Us Understand from Bhagavad Gita
19. How Do I Break Out of the Slippery Slope of Desire? Bhagavad Gita Has the Answer!
20. How Is An Enlightened Person Different From A Non-enlightened Person?
21. Do I Have to Cease Action to Become Enlightened?
22. Is It Possible For Someone to Simultaneously Practice Jnana-yoga And Karma-yoga?
23. How Can Our Actions Be Devoted to the Universe?
24. How Are Offerings Central to Karma Yoga?
25. What Should be the Qualities of a Great Leader? Let us learn from Bhagavad Gita!
26. What are the Principles and Strategies of Karma Yoga?
27. Compulsive Behavior: Reasons and Solution from Bhagavad Gita